Graphmatica Version 2.4 Free trial

Create spectacular graphs with this powerful equation plotter

Are you one of those people who can't make it through an entire day without plotting at least one equation for fun's sake if nothing else? If so, you'll be better off trying to find some friends and a more socially acceptable hobby.
However, some people simply have to plot equations as part of their everyday work, as part of homework or as part of other engagements we can make no sense of.
Graphmatica is a potent, easy to use equation plotter that also offers numerical and calculus features. Now that you've stopped bouncing up and down screaming with excitement, you're free to hear what Graphmatica will enable you to do.
With Graphmatica you'll be able to display up to 999 graphs on screen at once; enjoy advanced data plotting and curve-fitting features; numerically solve and graphically display tangent lines and integrals; solve ordinary differential equations and other, more complex equations; and find critical points, solutions to equations, and intersections between Cartesian functions.
Once you've created all the graphs you need to make you happy, you can print them or export them as bitmap files or as enhanced metafiles to your heart's content.
If you find yourself head over feet, the software program offers on-line help and demo files.
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